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We are excited to share with you a proposal that has the potential to make a significant impact on our community. The Refugee Children Center (RCC) is seeking your support for a grant proposal that would allow us to establish an edible community garden for participants of our center, which serves children and families who have journeyed from Latin America to the United States seeking safety and a new beginning.


Our families come from countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, among others. Many of them identify as indigenous and have deep-rooted knowledge of farming and growing their own food, passed down through generations.


The Jardin sin Fronteras edible community garden aims to increase land access and nutrition sustainability for Indigenous and Latin(a/o/e) identifying families in the North Hills and local San Fernando Valley communities. This initiative is not just about providing fresh, nutritious food to our families; it is also about empowering them with life skills, affirming their cultural traditions, and facilitating cross-cultural and cross-generational exchanges of information and practices.


Your vote in support of our proposal can help us break generational cycles of displacement and trauma, while creating healing and strengthening cultural traditions. The garden will also be open to local stakeholders interested in gardening, nature, and community building, further enhancing the sense of connection to the earth for individuals who have been forced to leave their native lands.


In addition to providing a source of fresh food at no cost, the garden will offer nature-based educational programming to youth from ages 0 to 17, covering topics such as Mesoamerican gardening, composting, urban gardening, nature therapy, herbalism, biology and environmental science, cultural cuisine, culinary arts, outdoor art workshops, and physical activity.


We kindly ask for your vote here in support of our proposal. If you are at least 16 years old and live, work, study, or volunteer in the San Fernando Valley, you are eligible to vote. Your support can help us create a lasting impact on the lives of refugee children and families in our community.

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