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As a non-profit, we rely on our community to help work towards our mission and keep our services accessible. Here is how to support The Refugee Children Center:

Ways to Partner
with us

Food Relief
Collecting Money


• Sponsor items or a specific program.

• Matching & financial support.

    Match donations during key fundraising events throughout the year.


• Host your fundraiser

• Donate.

Immigration Lgl Services

Legal Services

Are you an attorney or a law student that is looking

for meaningful pro bono work or legal experience?


The Refugee Children Center can use your help!

Unlike defendants in the criminal justice system, immigrants facing deportation in immigration court are not provided free attorneys by the government.


Unrepresented immigrants face the insurmountable challenge of navigating the complex immigration system alone and are far more likely to lose their cases than those who can obtain attorneys. The need for pro bono legal representation far exceeds that which The Refugee Children Center is able to provide to our participants. 


There are also opportunities to get involved in a more limited capacity,

such as volunteering at pro se workshops.

Children & Family Dept
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Are you passionate to make a difference

in someone's life?

The Refugee Children Center is always looking to recruit talented and passionate volunteers to work with our organization! If you are interested in getting involved.


Please join one of our monthly New Volunteer Information and Registration Sessions, held virtually every first Monday of the month.

If you have additional questions, please contact Frida Aldapa

or fill-out the volunteer form.

Personal Development


"It's not how much we give,

 but how much love we put into giving" - Mother Theresa

Donate online:

Help provide support to asylum-seeking children and make a one-time donation. 


Monthly Giving: Being an advocate for our children means providing opportunities for a hopeful and brighter tomorrow. Make a sustainable donation today!


Your Dollars at Work 

  • $25 can provide PPE supplies (sanitizer, masks, clorox wipes, tissues) for a family of 2 for a month

  • $50 can provide PPE supplies (sanitizer, masks, clorox wipes, tissues) for a family of 4  for a month

  • $50 can provide a first-day-of-school outfit for a child

  • $75 can provide a minor with school supplies for the school academic year. 

  • $100 can give a Metro TAP for a person to transport themselves on their daily needs.  

  • $100 can provide a cell phone device to enable communication 

  • $100 can provide a family of 2 groceries for a week 

  • $100 can sponsor an Indigenous language interpreter for a minor during a one-hour attorney-client session

  • $200 can provide a family of 4 groceries for a week

  • $250 can provide a family with two children with first-day-of-school outfits and school supplies for the academic year


You can also contribute to our general operational costs. Any amount helps support our minors in need and furthers our mission.


Check: Please write a check to The Refugee Children Center

(also known as San Fernando Valley Refugee Children Center, Inc.)


The Refugee Children Center

P.O. Box 2592 North Hills, CA 91393


Cryptocurrency: Donating a cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it from your taxes. 


Planned Giving: When you include Refugee Children Center in your estate plan, your generosity provides legal representation and holistic support for unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children. Leave a legacy! 


PayPal: If you prefer to donate to The Refugee Children Center via PayPal.

Food Relief
Collecting Money

Host your

Start your own fundraising campaign!

Throw a party or host a fundraiser on Facebook for a cause and ask guests to donate to The Refugee Children Center instead of providing gifts.

Start a GoFundMe page to spread awareness and galvanize support for migrants from Central America.

We are excited to have you as fundraising partners and cannot wait to hear about your campaign stories!

If you are looking to organize a campaign, please fill out a contact form. 


You will be provided with a toolkit with helpful advice and resources, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Personal Development

to our partners

North Hills Hispanic Methodist Church Mission of the United Methodist Church, Nest Global, Miry's List, Baby2Baby, Tierra de Sol, California-Pacific United Methodist Foundation and The Baha'i Community of Malibu Canyon.

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