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Our Programs

Our programs and services are organized as follows:

Immigration Lgl Services

Immigration Legal Services Department

• Referrals to Immigration Legal Services Providers

• General orientations on:

     Asylum and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)

     Immigration court proceedings

     Reunification process with children

     Support with specific USCIS form preparation


As of May 25, 2022, the Refugee Children Center is now a recognized organization by the Recognition and Accreditation Program (R&A) from the United States Department of Justice.


An organization is “recognized” when the Department of Justice (DOJ)/Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) gives a non-profit organization in the United States permission to practice

immigration law through Accredited Representatives before the DHS only (partial accreditation) or before the DHS and the EOIR (full accreditation). The EOIR includes the immigration courts and the BIA.

By regulation, a non-profit, federally tax-exempt, religious, charitable, social service, or similar organization established in the United States that has been approved for recognition is called a DOJ-Recognized Organization.


Beginning August 8, 2022, the RCC launched a working plan to provide additional assistance with certain United States citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) by helping to prepare immigration forms and providing support with these.

Children & Family Dept
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Children and Families’ Department

Social Services

• Links to support services, including mental health resources, Medi-Cal enrollment, rent relief information, food bank information and housing assistance.

• Continual in-person and over-the-phone support for children who go through everyday life, including crisis management

• School enrollment, over-the-phone interpreters and counseling to find information and resources in their preferred language

• Child care referrals and referrals for child development and other support


Enrichment Activities for children:

• Monthly in-person art interventions including art therapy

• In-person youth empowerment gatherings and field trips to cultural

centers for children and youth

• Weekly in-person music lessons from Nueva Vision Community School

• Tutoring and Mentoring opportunities for children and youth


Enrichment Activities for caregivers and legal guardians

Cooking for the Soul: A space for participants to lead their own cooking class and teach other participants how to cook dishes traditional to their home countries (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala).


Each month a participant will be invited to lead the class and other participants are invited to join, learn, and co-teach. This collaborative effort allows for rich conversations on the flora and fauna present in their home countries, what can be made with them, and how each community utilizes the items for food, medicine, and more!


This program offers our participants the opportunity to get connected to their roots and share their stories, talents, and culinary skills with others.


Healing and Wellness Workshops for caregivers: A safe space for participants to share everyday life experiences and connections.


Raising young children and teens while being a single, working mother on a minimum wage and simultaneously undergoing a legal immigration process in a foreign country, is emotionally and physically draining. Each session provides an opportunity to self-reflect and also suggest a self-care idea.

Graduation Caps

Personal development

• Referrals and case management to support participants’ personal and

professional goals

• Referrals to ESL classes, free tax assistance, employment resources and more

• Membership to COOPERE (Cooperativa de personas Refugiadas).

   The refugee cooperative is an initiative that seeks to inspire and equip refugees    

   and migrants, particularly women, to become financially independent and self-


• Support in submissions for a higher education RCC scholarship application

• Guidance in job-seeking and finding resources, such as classes and training

Personal Development
Food Relief
Food Box

Basic Needs and Food Relief

• Assistance in general information and resources for families

  who experience food insecurity.

• Enrollment in our weekly Food and Basic Needs Relief Program

   that assists our participants with food donations, diapers,

   baby wipes, and formula, among other basic needs.

• Weekly clothing and general donation distribution (by appointment)

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